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ул. Радищева, 2/2

г. Кемерово, Кемеровская область, Заводский area.
Long distance trucking, ferro-concrete products, Bus hire service, Urban trucking, Ordering special, construction machines
Car service center (ARS), Changing the oil in ICE, gearboxes, Tyre change, Carburetors, injectors repair, Repair of petrol engines
интернет-магазин мебели - алсо. купить мебель недорого. качественная мебель
Climate systems installation, Air conditioners, Repair and maintenance of air conditioners, Heat Ventilation equipment, Climatic equipment
онлайн каталог запчастей для грузовых машин, автобусов, спецтехники маз, краз, урал, а также двигатели ямз и запчасти к ним. склады и магазины в кемерово и новокузнецке.
Car service center (ARS), Motor spares for foreign cars, Bodywork, Repair of petrol engines, Body repair, car painting, Diesel engines repair, Vehicle chassis repair
Protective clothing and personal safety equipmet, Rubber technical goods, Electroinsulating materials, Sealing paste and glue
Telephone network installation, Equipment for industrial enterprises automation, computer network installation, installation of security and fire system, alarms and warning systems

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